Tallamanjaro Update

Just off the phone from Mike folks,

They are flying it !! Not a bother on them all, they are all safely in camp two havi…ng made great progress today – Mike says there is great banter going on between them all and the proters sang for 20 mins for them all this morning……sounds like fun to me.
Food is amazing, sleeping bags are toasty warm and the tents and camp are fantastic………
Height wise they are up to about 3800m/12,565 ft and everyone is well.
This afternoon Mike is doing some onsite rescue training/scenarios with the African team , great practice for them all.
So all in all GROUP 2 and Mike are having a ball and making great progress……and to top it off Mike says that the weather is stunning! sigghhhhhhh…………How I wish I was there .
Keep an eye on the tracker for the progress…………..I should have more tomorrow or the day afer Su 🙂


One thought on “Tallamanjaro Update

  1. Colette O'Rourke

    Well done folks-good to hear all keeping well. Sounds like a holiday to me with sun, good food n banter. Hope the Rock boys not causing too much hassle! Colette & Sean X


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