Colaiste Eanna Summit Bid

Afternoon from Africa, well the team are poised at high camp, the air there is thin and all are feeling the effects of it. But all made high camp in good time today, and are eating dinner now before an early night, all will be up around 12 with the aim being, to arrive at the crater rim for the most spectacular African sunrise, around 7am, and then on the final stretch to Uhuru Peak,

Next update will be in the morning, after a successful summit and descent to high camp for lunch before continuing their descent to a good nights sleep.



3 thoughts on “Colaiste Eanna Summit Bid

  1. Catherine Lynch

    Hi Yvonne & Rossa, Hope the going is not too rough and that your spirit and energy is as high as always. Best of luck for the rest of the climb to you both and all of your team. What you’re doing is amazing!! Safe Trip to everyone. Lots of Love, Catherine, Peter & Little Harry xxx


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