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Cormac Spain – 13 year old summits Mount Kilimanjaro


Cuala Lotto, 28th July

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AFL9 V Scoil Ui Connail

Cormac measures the height of hurling – in Africa

Wed 31 Jul 2013, 13:12
By Webmaster

Cormac Spain has sent us some images showing how he scaled the highest “free standing” mountain in the world. The intrepid 2000 player climbed for 5 days to eventually stand on top of Kilimanjaro – the highest point on the African continent.

But there is more to this story than a Cuala Thar Lar entry. Cormac’s training with the 2000 Boys stood to him on the toughest day which amounted to a 15 hour hike at altitude (over 19,000 ft) . The Cuala man even played some hurling at 13,000 feet with a Wexford man and a Kerry man! Unbelieveable I hear you say, yes, even the Tanzanian guides couldn’t believe that a Kerryman could play Hurling!

A few days later Cormac pucked around’ with a Masai warrior who showed very fine skills. (An Application Form is being arranged) Later on is this extraordinary trip, Cormac was lucky enough to visit a local school and got to present the school kids with dozens of jerseys donated by our own U13 lads.

Cuala Thar Lár welcomes your images showing-off Cuala gear in interesting locations and situations. Just email your images to cualagaa with names and a brief description.

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Low Camp Kilimanjaro

All are well and safe at the low camp and psyched for a pool competition at the Empire tomorrow night with the Volley Ball girls, apparently Tom has threatened to dance topless if the boys win. They are already discussions of forfeiting the match!!!!!

Everyone is just buzzing but tired and ready for a big lunch at the gate, before an Ice Cream on the bus ride back before the Pedicures and Manicures. Michael’s had ordered his clean jocks to be starched, Sprout is demanding a 99, following his new obsession with flakes and girls with long hair running thought the meadows, Wambo has order a new headband for the pool match, Cillian has booked into the hairdressers, Arthur is looking for something in chain Mail, Sam is undecided, and Tom is looking for Nicolette patches,

Full and frank Voice update tomorrow around Lunchtime

Mike signing out

Summit team descending

Well all are currently descending, safe, exhausted. All reached their own summits and the trick of sending Sam out front wearing a volleyball vest worked a treat, they hardly too a break all night.

All are happy Men, proud as punch, and rearing for the final dance off with the Volley Ball Team.

A big thanks goes out to family and friends for supporting them in this achievement, and bring on the Party.