Kilmanjaro Teams Progress

Hello All,

Following some communication glitches full information has become available.

The Team have arrived safely in Barafu Camp and have lunched, and are now relaxing peacefully in preparation for the summit, everyone is performing well and they have all gelled well as
a team, providing great team spirit and support to each other.

Tom’s nickname of the PREACHER now makes sense to everyone and he is only smoking about 5 cigarettes per day assisted by his abled buddy Arthur,Camelot who has taken to sleep walking around the camp looking for some bloody sword.
Cillian AKA Gillian is keeping the tunes pumping for all but the playlist is a bit suspect with Dolly Parton at one end of the scale and ACDC at the other end, a very mixed up playlist. Michael MOORON Darcy has had to borrow jocks from Clemmy
but all is well with him now he has a clean pair for each day, Sam WARDROBE has decided to re-enter the closet after winning the dance off last night with the Volley ball girls, so we are all supporting his decision and have decided not to call
home about the situation. Colm WAMBO has been powering away steadily each day singing marching songs and keeping everyone in step, we just hope it stops when we get back to town. Michael SPROUT Gray, almost won the volley ball match single handed the other night until on of their supporters started eating a flake bar very provocatively and that was the end of that, so we have ensure the Volley ball team are ahead of us that way everyone will make the top in quick time.

Next report will be following a successful summit bit.

Tonights Mantra’s

Tom’s I will give up the cigarettes after I make it !!!!!!!!!

Cillian Bear Grylls cant pass wind like I can

Michael Gray Keep an eye on my butt lads

Michael Darcy Must bring more underwear next time

Sam I am staying in the closet FOREVER

Colm They drew first blood, NOT ME!!!!!!!

Arthur I will find that damn sword


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