Final info from Group 7

Hi all, Paul O’Connor and Conor O’Brien posting our last update for group 7 of this year’s crop of Kilimanjaro hopefuls. Conor here! Thankfully we are all returning with smiles on our faces and certificates hastily shoved down the back of our suitcases. We had an early rise to reach the summit, although it was certainly a much nicer wake up call than the localised earthquakes we had with Mike. After an exhausting 6 and a half hour hike to Stella Point we shuffled our way onward to Uhuru and a sense of achievement that very little could overcome. Once we had finished with our hike home and had had a shower or ten we enjoyed a night of dancing and cards at the Empire. Now all that’s left to do is burn through our spending money and enjoy our safari. Hopefully seeing you all soon, me handing over to Paul.
Hi all, seeing as Conor has taken care of all the formalities, I have been chosen to point out some entertaining parts of our week! The trip began rather unusually with one of our honeymooners, Caitríona falling ill after 45 minutes! Ironically, it all went downhill from there for the couple! On our second day, passing through the rainforest after one of our many breaks from Jacob, the other half of the duo, Keith found himself trekking up without his bag which left us all waiting for 30 minutes! Keith also found himself very fond of Paul Scully’s nailbrush, which we all felt elaborated our argument that he was the real lady of the two! Unfortunately, Keith and Caitríona did not have the luxurious holiday in the icy tent but we decided to serenade them with various tunes from the ukulele and some breathtaking singing from the lads! Our voices were at our strongest when we all had a sing off against some rowdy Americans… And won! Without the music from the lads, it would have made the climb much harder than it already was! It may have been a lot easier if the constant questions from Conor Scully had stopped after day one but we all faced the fact that he is a very curious boy! Conor also managed to lose out on every bet he made, including, if Mike would eat a spider! Mike being Mike, ate it with great pleasure and laughed in Conor’s face with a mouth full of legs!
I’ve only pointed out a few points of the banter that was had on the mountain so I am going to hand it over to Mike to roast us all! Thanks to all for the support and hope to see you soon!

Mike here, it’s time for therapy for the next 3 days before the memorial Climb, what can u say about the group, actually so bloody much I could write a book, Paul Scully had every cleaning implement you could think of and gladly borrowed them to everyone, Conor Scully kept me in snacks all week after losing ever bet he made with men and should now be like an encyclopaedia after asking a new question every 45 seconds, Conor O Brien will have to buy a belt when he gets home, I haven’t seen as much underpants since I was in the Bronx, Paul O Connor’s musical skills kept is all entertained but his dancing is a bit suspect and his infatuation with west life is disturbing, Geoff Natin aka the HOFF, managed to take his shirt off at least a dozen times each day to admire his chest, and complete a descent from the summit to the gate with me in one day, very impressive, now Jack Natin sat looking at the wallpaper picture on his phone over dinner each night and regaled us with stories of how nice he was gonna be to his girlfriend when he got home, Dominic never managed to make a single arrangement on time, so time for a new watch, but he did teach some of the African lads a new song, Adam, the computer programmer, was a source of amazement with what he can do with a computer, and Eoghan just stayed under the radar enough to miss out on lots of the slagging, a really good move as nothing was sacred with this group. Sharon has learnt so much this week and the discovery that her bladder is not attached to her eye lids came as a surprise, and her stylist way of negotiating the stairs after the climb is a constant source of amusement, and the Honeymooners, what can I say, they must be nuts, we did sing to them, made a cake for them but when Catriona came into the mess tent with Baboons belt around her next, we knew who wore the trousers, but why Baboons belt we can’t figure. Keith was a constant source of nattering and movie memories, every sentence or word reminded him of a movie from the last 30 years, it was frightening,

So signing off till the next group, therapy starts tomorrow morning so will be online again on the 13th.




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