Reminder: Gear – Glendalough 08/09Th March

Training This Weekend 08/09th March 2014:

Here are the gear requirements for this weekend.

Day 1

Gear Required– . Training session Phoenix Park.

Rain jacket,hat,gloves,running leggings/running tights,track bottoms,runners,towel,full change of kit for after the session- be prepared for bad weather.Shorts might be ok or they might be a bit optimistic!AVOID COTTON during your training and on the mountain,that means ideally no cotton socks,underwear,t-shirts,track bottoms,hoodies etc.

Food before the session is essential but not too close, give yourself an hour at least before exercising for digesting your food,seeing it once is enough! Fruit,nuts(unsalted),berries,are ideal snacks, make sure to have them packed.

Arriving hungry means you will not be able to do yourself justice in the session. A protein source(,chicken) with carbohydrate for within a half an hour after your session will help your recovery. Have your recovery planned you want to enjoy not endure day 2. Avoid-fizzy drinks,too much sugar,crisps,fast food.

Bring at least 2 litres of water with you,including 500mls. for the training session. Milk is an excellent post-session drink,if you wish you can mix it with water as some people find it difficult to stomach directly after exercise. Your post-session recovery drink should also be 500mls.

Day 2.

Most of Day 1 applies with some changes or additions. Warm clothing and extra clothing will be needed for the mountain. A day sack max. 30 litres will suffice. Boots ,conditions will probably be slippy and or wet.

Remember ,fail to prepare ,prepare to fail. Tus maith leath na h-oibre.



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